Moving In

2 Sep

I’m going to assume all of you know who I am. Introductions are so pedestrian, don’t you think?

I’ve been gone from the US for a week now. I think the worst of the jet-lag has passed, but this week was primarily spent inside, either sleeping or listlessly futzing around on the computer, after the excitement of last weekend. Thanks to the CSC, I’ve got a room at the study abroad dorms. My roommate hasn’t moved in yet.

This is my room.

 Yes, I haven't unpacked yet. Don't judge me, my roommate hasn't moved in and I haven't bought hangers yet.

Yeah, it’s not much. Very reminiscent of Shaoyuan 8. I’m at least thankful it came with bedding. Supposedly, there’s a cleaning service but I haven’t seen it. I still need to scrub down the bathroom, but I did buy a shower curtain today, so there’s that.

Domestics, I know. I’m not very interesting this week.


One Response to “Moving In”

  1. Susan Wang September 9, 2011 at 6:25 am #

    omg it does look like fucking shaoyuan

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