14 Sep

SO, I was going to use this blog post to talk about my classes.  Unfortunately, due to a series of rather silly mistakes by myself and my professor, I still haven’t attended any classes yet. I’m going to a lecture tonight which should be interesting, though. Instead of talking about academics, let’s talk about why I love shopping in China.

First up, my shiny new cell phone.  I got this at the Trust-Mart, a Wal-Mart knock off that has been my saviour these past few weeks.  I’ve gotten ramen noodles, silverware, and other useful necessities there.  It’s a Samsung Galaxy Mini.  I realise this means very little to most people.  I’m just amused by the name.  Key features include a touch screen, music player, internet, GPS, and a Chinese-English Dictionary.  I love this thing with a passion.

I also refuse to say how much I paid for it, except that I wanted it, dammit, and it’s shiny.

Yesterday I found the local dvd stand.  Usually, it’s just a dude on the sidewalk with a couple of suitcases full of dvds in thin plastic sleeves, but here at Chuanda, he’s established enough to have a few permanent cases next to a bookshop.  I think it’s pretty telling that he’s set up over by where the foreign student dorms used to be.  Anyways, I was thumbing through and found the holy grail.  All six seasons of Supernatural.  I paid 36 kuai, which is roughly under 5 bucks.  Think about that, six seasons of dvds for five bucks.  I’m going back for the Doctor Who set when I’m done.  (Curiously, Supernatural is called something along the lines of “The Power of Evil” in Chinese.  Yeah, I dunno what they were thinking with that. Appropriate, but…)

I also bought myself a plant for the room.  It’s a cactus of some kind.  I was told by the store owner that they are nigh indestructable.  I am kind of waiting to prove her wrong.

Yes, I have already named it.  This is Scipio.  (As in Scipio Africanus, the Roman general who kicked Hannibal’s Carthaginian butt.)  Can you tell I’ve been listening to “The History of Rome” podcast when knitting, or what? He sits on my desk and looks pretty.

That’s mostly it on the cool things I’ve bought.  Likely, there will be a few installments of this, especially if I get anything totally awesome in the future.  That’s it for now, folks.


One Response to “Shopping”

  1. Karen Luksich September 17, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    Do not overwater, you will do fine. I’m proud of you. Maybe you inherited a bit of my green thumb genes.

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