Someday, When the Stars Fall

21 Nov

I’m still in Hong Kong with my good friend Amy. In my absence, I’ll leave you with some very cool time-lapse videos of space. I’m a sucker for a good time-lapse video of the stars, no matter how quickly it’s becoming a cliché on the internets.

Finland gets the aurora. Why? Possibly as an apology for having such long, shitty winters.  I’m jealous. (Of the stars, not the miserable amounts of snow.)

Hat tip to Emily L. Hauser.


This was taken from the International Space Station. (Congress, why are you cutting funding for NASA? Why?) It’s a cool look at auroras, cities by night, and the Earth. I particularly like seeing the thunderstorms from space – look for the random flashes in the clouds.

Hat tip to Alexis Madrigal.

Below is probably one of my favorite time-lapses ever. I love looking up at the stars – Astronomy as a class was super disappointing to me since we didn’t have any actual time with a telescope. (I mean, Harry Potter gets credit for going to the Astronomy Tower at night and look at the stars, why can’t we?) The music is great as well, it’s a portion of Ludovico Einaudi’s Nuvole Bianche, which is also something you should totally listen to.


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