Grumpasaurus Rex

28 Dec

I’ve been coveting the Grumpasaurus pattern on Ravelry for ages and ages, but I put it off until after I finished my socks as I have a firm “one project at a time” rule. To do so otherwise leads to madness and being buried alive in a gigantic pile of yarn. Well, I finished those socks back in October, but I spent November Nano-ing and couldn’t let myself procrastinate through knitting, either. My dearest Grumpasaur languished in the realms of mere conjecture until I crossed the 50,000 word benchmark and I threw down my pen with equal parts disgust and relief.

I bought the yarn ages and ages ago when I was visiting Susan in Boulder, CO. Boulder is an awesome town and I’d move there in a heartbeat if I could afford it. (Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that January is considerably less pleasant than July out there.) The local little yarn shop is Gypsy Wools, a slightly hipper (and hippier) establishment than my local shops, the Knitting Cove in Port Jeff and the Knitting Barn in Gainesville. For one thing, they’re practically on first name terms with the sheep their wool comes from. I’m impressed. They do a lot of their own spinning and dyeing and if I had any desire to jump headfirst into the extremes of knitting, I’d ask them for tips. Cleverly, I did not ask them to roll up my yarn. My haphazard attempts to do so on my own ended up in the most impressive Gordian Knot seen on this side of the Atlantic. I spent the next three days painstakingly unraveling it, to the amusement of various relatives. Thanks for the help unraveling it, Gramma!

Anyways, I made the Grumpasaur in record time (for me, at least), since it was a Christmas gift and I really needed to get the damn thing in the mail if it was going to have any chance of reaching NY before the New Year. Katia can attest to the various iterations the Grumpasaur went through, as I dramatically flounced across the hallway and bemoaned my lack of ability to knit properly. The tail took at least five attempts to gt the damn thing on in an appropriate fashion and location. It also took some trial and error to get the comb to look all right, but a little trial and error with a crochet hook made everything all right. The darker green was a yarn I had picked up at a cool store in the Garment District in NYC during that awful time when I was fighting to get my damn visa and had some time to kill. I don’t remember anything about the shop except that it had a cat, which was adorable and received lots of pets.

I also made a second version of the Grumpasur, the Grumpasaurus Minimus. This grumpasaur is a dwarf variation and smaller than her larger cousin. (Happy Christmas, Katia!) Grumpasaurus Minimus took much less time to craft, seeing as I had already figured out where the trip-wires and bear-traps were located in the pattern. I used my sock needles for the Minimus, which meant I spent half the time bitching about how damn small everything is. Next time, I’m bringing my tapestry needles along. That shit is hard with just a crochet hook.

I like the pattern, but my one beef with the hole thing is basically my lack of ability to embroider proper faces. So mine like mildly retarded, as opposed to the adorable grumpy look on the pattern. I can live with that.


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