Food Friday: Sydney

24 Feb

Food! OMG, the food in Sydney was absolutely delicious. Honestly. Go there, people, the food is awesome. I want to give special props to sara_l_r of the Golden Horde for pointing me in the direction of David Lebovitz’s Australia posts; he did not lead us astray once.


Sonoma Bakery – Bondi Beach

Just off of the main road in Bondi lies this unassuming bakery. We stumbled our way over here on our first trip to Bondi, in search of shade and food. They had great coffee. I had the daily  baked miche brown bread, sliced with lox and avocado. Oh man, it was great. Mom had the Mediterranean sandwich. We took a quarter-loaf away, and enjoyed it the next day on our wine tour adventures. (Have to soak up the booze with something!)


Pie Face


It’s a coffee shop chain called “pie face”, what’s not to love? They have nibbles, like spinach and ricotta quiche, meat or fruit pies, and lamingtons. Plus, the coffee has amusing names like “kick my arse” and “why god why”. They have locations all over down town Sydney, they were moderately priced, and had a loveable mascot. One of my favorites, for sure. If only they were interested in the American market…


fish market on manly beach

Seriously, that was the restaurant’s name. It was just off the main waterfront and it was divine. The food was excellent. Mom had prawns, wrapped in bacon and thin potato slices and then fried, over a bed of mango salad. Mmmmm. SO good. I had a white fish, John Dory, grilled with a delicious sauce. Dessert was a warm chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream. Totally delish. Worth every penny and a great way to end a day at Manly Beach.




We went here on the recommendation of the valet at the Marriott. Thanks, man. This was the first place we had even seen a waiting line to get in; we spent about twenty minutes wait before we were seated and that was at the dinner rush. Mamak is a Malaysian restaurant located in Chinatown and if you are going to Sydney you MUST go there. Oh man, it was phenomenal. Mom liked it, I loved it, and the food was deliciously spicy. Above (left) is the original roti, the roti canai.  Like I told Mom, every culture out there worth its salt has a version of fried dough and all of them are amazing.  Malaysia’s version is an egg dough that’s been fried and served with two curry sauces.  We also got the chicken satay (above, right), which was the best I’ve ever had so far in my life.  For a more balanced meal, we decided on  the kangkung belacan, which is stir-fried spinach with chillies and shrimp paste.  This was a little spicy for Mom, but after six months in Chengdu the hot chillies don’t even phase me.   For dessert, there was the absolutely amazing roti pisang, a sweet fried dough with sliced bananas and vanilla ice cream.  It was tough, but we really just had to force ourselves to eat it all.





Doyle’s Fish Market


Fresh fish, cooked right on the wharf. I had the Tasmanian salmon and it was delicious. Mom had some white fish (can’t remember, barramundi?) and was pleased as well. The french fries were good too, but the ketchup was weird. Besides that, I do recommend it. It’s a lunch joint and they close at 4pm, but the place was hopping when we got there at 3. The seagulls are particularly annoying, but that’s how it goes. Great food at a reasonable price.



Okay, you know how I said how it was downright painful to find someplace to eat in downtown Sydney after 8pm? Yeah. This was one of the restaurants we went to when practically everything else had closed and we were getting snippy from low blood sugar. Wagamama is a modern noodle bar. It wasn’t too bad, I guess. For one thing, I got to see Mom’s mad chopsticks skillz. (Love ya!) I got a fried udon noodle dish – big flat noodles stir-fried with a variety of toppings, including my old nemesis, shredded dried pork. Frankly, it was just okay. What really made the place stand out in my mind was the drink I ordered with dinner, an apple cinnamon vodka concoction that was absolutely delicious. I swiped one of Kari’s chicken satays; another okay. This place is consistently okay., but probably not worth the price unless you’re here for the lunch specials.

Pancake on the Rocks

With a name like that, you’d assume this would be a cool little diner-type all day brekkie joint. Nope. It’s the Australian version of IHOP. And after two weeks of delicious food, it just doesn’t compare. Go somewhere else, young grasshopper.


2 Responses to “Food Friday: Sydney”

  1. cathi green March 3, 2012 at 6:11 am #

    This post reminds me of my blogs from Italy… 90% pictures of my dinner plates (imagine that?) Sounds like you girls had a fantastic adventure. Clint leaves next Saturday for Bangkok. I will leave the 13th and join him in Bali. I must get a new free blog address as my address is no longer active. Then I can post pictures of Asian delicacies and Hindi temples. Hope you are settled back in to your school routine and enjoying your last months in China.

    • Jane March 4, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

      Well, my Bangkok posts go live next week. :D I hope you guys have a blast in Bali.

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