The Opera House

29 Feb

The Sydney Opera House is about as iconic as a building can possibly get. I mean, look at it. What kind of a mad genius comes up with this sort of thing?!

The Danish architect Jørn Utzon, that’s who. Crazy brilliant dude who toiled on the Opera House for 9 years before the local Sydney government forced him off the project. The ensuing scandal ensured that Utzon never saw his masterpiece finished and he never returned to Sydney to see it in person. When he died in 2008, he died without ever seeing the building which brought him such fame and renown.

The inside of the Opera House is as weirdly geometric as the outside. Seriously, it looks kind of like Escher was a major influence or something.

Mom and I saw West Side Story here. Surprisingly for a New Yorker, I’d never seen the play (or movie) before this. I know, I know. The show here was interesting; they played the 1961 movie with Natalie Wood and had the Sydney Orchestra play the accompanying music. Strange, but pretty cool. We had bought the tickets under the assumption that it was going to be a staged performance of the play, but it turned out well in the end. I really enjoyed getting a closer look at the Opera House and it was a really memorable way to end a vacation in Sydney.

I feel a song-and-dance coming on.

The Harbor Bridge at intermission.

The Opera House dominates the Harbor. I mean, why shouldn’t it? It’s amazing. We took pictures of it at every chance we could get. Mostly, this is just me playing the Law of Averages here. For every picture I show you guys, there’s two dozen terrible ones languishing on my hard drive. About a week earlier, we visited on a beautiful, sunny day with the impossibly puffy white clouds in the bright blue sky – the sort of day I live for. Thankfully, these photos turned out well.


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