Life in the Dorms

13 Mar


Well, I hope you all enjoyed the travel posts about Sydney and Bangkok. It was a nice diversion from the craziness going on here in China. But now that we’re done with the travelogues, let’s dig in, shall we?  Due to some High Drama (re: fine print’s a bitch, ain’t it?), I am still in the dorms. I have complaints. Oh do I have complaints. But dammit, I’m not going to let the bastards win. (And there goes the PG rating within the first paragraph.) Three points of interest:

My wireless internet cuts out at random points. They give you a handy timer, to track how long you’ve been logged on, and for the longest time I was cut off at precisely 37 minutes. Then, yesterday, the China Mobile gods give me two whole uninterrupted hours. Today I haven’t managed to keep a connection for longer than ten minutes. I don’t know what sorts of offerings these gods desire, but I’m imagining a little shrine with a tiny cell phone tower and a router, with those “rollover minutes” from those ATT commercials as the sacrifice. Coincidentally, China does not believe in rollover minutes.

The humidity is making my laundry mold as it takes four or five days to dry out. Seriously. I’ve got blooms of yellow on some of my clothes and it is gross. What isn’t molding has that sour mildewy smell. I don’t know what else to do except spend some quality time re-creating a desert-like environment with my cheap hair dryer and my laundry rack. China also does not believe in dryers. You should be able to hang your clothes out to dry and let nature take care of the rest, even though I haven’t seen the sun in three weeks and the humidity is at about a hundred-twenty percent with a nice chilly drizzle..

Food Deserts? You want to see a food desert, look at where I’m at. Nothing within a ten minute walk. Within fifteen sure, but you’re eating out and possibly at the expensive places. Grr. On the upside, I now have a much shorter drunken stumble back from Bar Street and Mooney’s. Eh, let’s call this one a draw.

Also, the majority of the fuyuan* here are annoying and knock on the door all the freaking time for no good reason.

Pictures will go up when I have access to a better internet connection, since mine has been pretty unstable recently. Sorry folks.



*Written as fuwuyuan, it’s usually shortened to fuyuan, and means waitress / maid. Almost exclusively feminine. In this case, it means the five or so ladies who man the front desk, deal with paperwork, and keep tabs on us for the Chinese government.


One Response to “Life in the Dorms”

  1. Dani March 14, 2012 at 12:01 am #

    Loving the blog. Loving your pictures. Missing you oooooodles. Sorry to hear that the dorms suck. If you can market making “desert air” though you might be able to come back to the US a millionaire… just saying. If the internet is down…

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