Handmaid’s Tale

21 Mar

I don’t really know what the hells is going on with the Republicans. I really don’t. Better minds than mine have taken a stab at what the hell they’re doing. Listening to Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, Blunt, etc is scary, like they read Atwood and decided her dystopian epic was an excellent road-map for political victory. Of course, this is a fertile breeding ground (pun intended?) for fiction and non-fiction. Here are some of my favorites, in the sense that they freaked me out and inspired me to action

ILU-486, by Amanda Ching

This is long, but totally worth it. It works under the premise that contraception and abortion are outlawed and it is completely and utterly terrifying in its plausibility. “In the not-so-distant future of Virginia, the Personhood Act has outlawed abortion and chemical birth control. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, though.”  Read it.

Reproductive Parts, by s.e. smith

This is series of shorts that interconnect to a horrific end. Great writing with a chilling message.

“Dear GOP: You do know how pregnancy works, right?”, by Emily L. Hauser

Emily is awesome and tells it like it is. She looks at the Republican’s emphasis on the women and how they forget that it takes two to tango.



Planned Parenthood.

Donate. Please. (Also, have you heard of Women’s Strike Force? Kickass, I say.)


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