Happy Tomb-Sweeping Day!

4 Apr

Today is Ching Ming Jie, or the Feast of Tomb Sweeping. In traditional Chinese calender, today is an important time in spring for people to remember their ancestors and honor them by cleaning off their graves and lighting a bit of incense and by flying kites and having picnics. Okay, the latter bit might just be a slightly more modern addition.

I care, mostly since I’ve got the week off. How is this different from every other week, you ask? Well, so does everyone else. And so, I am headed off to merry Hong Kong to visit my friend Amy. I should be gone for about a week. I’m planning of flying in and taking the train back. It’s a 32 hour ride, so that’ll be interesting. I’ll have lots of cool things to talk about then, but my return time is still a little fuzzy, so I don’t know when exactly I’ll post again.

Posts will probably return on April 11th and on April 13th at the absolute latest. In the meantime, go fly a kite in honor of your ancestors and have fun!


One Response to “Happy Tomb-Sweeping Day!”

  1. Karen April 5, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    Have a good time. I just took your dad to my Master Gardener meeting. He was thrilled to hear a lecture on fertilizers.

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