Laundry In Strange Places

16 Apr

Doing laundry is tedious business, especially when you have to wait three or four days for your clothes to dry. Not a lot of people have dryers in this country, least of all us lowly peons at the dorms. So we hang our wet clothes out on lines or on hangers, hoping to get a few rays of sunshine.  Mostly, you see laundry hanging in windows or on balconies. It’s pretty straightforward. But sometimes, you see clothes hung out to dry in some pretty weird places.

 On top of the Hongwa Hotel

On top of the graduate studies building.

 Doctor hanging up some laundry outside the hospital.

 Hanging up inside the bathroom of the Tibetan Studies department.

Am I a creeper for documenting all of this? I don’t know, probably. But it’s kind of funny. And finally, how I dry my own clothes.


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