18 Apr

My current knitting best is finishing a pair of socks in under three weeks. No, the Apocalypse is not nigh. Mostly, it just means that I get hella productive in other endeavors when I don’t have the internet at my disposal 24-7.

For two weeks, depressed because of my move to a new dorm and annoyed at my lack of internet, I watched lots of movies and knit. And knit and knit and knit and I had gotten to the saturation point where I was dreaming of knitting. I also managed to burn through all of Planet Earth, three seasons of Supernatural, and a couple of forgettable movies. The end result? This.

 This is the Nutkin pattern, made by Beth LaPensee. I rather like it. It’s simple. Easy to follow, simple to memorize, practically idiot-proof, and it looks super impressive. It’s not lacy, despite the yarn-overs, and a top-down sock, which I prefer. I used Meilenweit Merino Lana Grosa (2143), which I got from the lovely ladies at the Knitting Cove in Port Jefferson when I was home for Christmas.

I think I’m going to leave the sock knitting alone for now. It’s been my default project for the past six months, and I’ve worn my poor DPNs to shreds. Right now, I’m working on a nice, simple baktus scarf and using my Noro Silk Garden yarn. I think there’s a little too much wool in the yarn to make them into socks, anyways. And then there’s the lovely silk yarn that I picked up in Sydney at the Rocks Street Fair last January. It might become a shawl, or maybe a scarf or two. Not that I need any more scarves, but it would make a pretty gift.

As for these socks, they’ve been bundled up and sent off to a friend. Hope you enjoy the socks, Sophie!


2 Responses to “Nutkin”

  1. Dad April 18, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    Time to turn up the dial – something on US Politics – the IRAN nuclear issue -the treatment of women in Islamist countries- food ok, Kitting ok, laundry ……..


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    […] last knitting project was an incredibly intricate pair of socks (see Nutkin). My normal routine after finishing a long project is pretty predictable. First, there are a few […]

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