Reasonable Armor

20 Apr

Video by College Humor

I’m far from the first person to complain about the objectification/sexualized portrayal of women in science fiction and fantasy. Better writers than me have already gone at it like politely rabid dogs, resulting in a fandom kerfluffle that eventually dies down only to be resurrected a few months later because nothing’s changed. I get where both sides are coming from, but as a proud lady nerd, I’m on the side where women can wear reasonable armor. Where they can have objectives that aren’t just finding a Man. Where a movie can pass the Bechdel test* or the love interest stops getting Stuffed In A Fridge* to further her boyfriend’s character development.

But mostly, my biggest beef is about the armor. You’re telling me that a scantily clad lady in heels and not much more than a bikini is going to fight hordes of evil minions? The idea is to not look like Slave Leia, thankyouverymuch. I won’t deny that wearing feminine or sexy clothes isn’t sometimes empowering. I have my own minidresses and five inch heels and I like dressing up. But I’m not about to fight crime in ’em, let alone demons from hell.

So yeah, this is basically an introduction to my favoritest tumblr of the moment: Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor. Ladies, kicking ass and taking names, and in appropriate kick-ass clothes. It’s about fucking time.

Kyra, by Wayne Reynolds

Eowyn, by Craig Spearling

Matsu Kinihara, by Florian Stitz

Samus Aran, by Tim Kelly

Space Pirate, by Yuan Cui

I know, I know, in the grand scheme of things, appropriate clothes seems like a silly hill to die on, but it’s about respect and being treated equally, and most importantly, not taking a knife to an important internal organ because you wanted to show off that flat tummy.

*Links to Feminist Frequency.  It’s an easy primer for feminism in popular culture, in easily digestible youtube form!

All images taken from Women Fighters tumblr.


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