Zebra Music Festival

2 May

I went to another music festival this week. China being communist and all, we had a long weekend for May Day. Some people went on trips to locales near and far, but I stayed in town and hung out with friends. And, of course, rocked out.

Music fests here are half-picnic, half-concert. The whole ambiance is basically everyone sitting around, drinking beer and hanging out with friends, and very occasionally going over to the stage and partying. I went with my buddies Kate and Cecelia, and we ended up hanging out with a larger crowd of Cecelia’s friends.

Sitting around and drinking beer.

The tickets were thankfully cheaper than advertised – 80 kuai instead of 120 – and so we split the difference on Budweiser and baozi. The baozi was terrible. Clearly, I’ve been in China too long if the Budweiser actually tasted good.

Enjoying the sun. 

Also enjoying the gorgeously sunny day.  Kate won those speakers by being the best at a DDR-wannabe game at the Red Bull tent.

If it seems like the music was a little secondary to our outing, well, that’s because it was. I mean, yes, some of the bands were good. I wholeheartedly recommend seeing the French band Nasser if they’re ever in town. But the rest of it? Ehhh. It was more about the day in the park than the music.

Nasser’s set. Notice what everyone else in the crowd is doing? Answer: NOT DANCING. Lame.

Some Taiwanese boyband. It was, uh, choreographed well?

The end of the night.




One Response to “Zebra Music Festival”

  1. Dani May 4, 2012 at 8:04 am #

    I like your pictures! Sounds like a good time! :)

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