1 Jun

So, I read a lot. The internet serves up most of my reading material, although I’m waiting eagerly for Kate to finish “The Psychopath Test” so I can get started. In the past three days, I’ve read three excellent pieces of long-form journalism on three very different subjects.

First up, “The Shadow Scholar”, by Ed Dante. My sister pointed me in this direction and I have to say, it was fascinating. Ed Dante (haha, Edumund Dantes, get it?) makes a living writing papers for a custom essay company. A paper mill, in other terms. Something like 4 out of 5 of college students admit to cheating in school. It’s a fascinating look at the dirty underside of college homework.

Switching gears, over at the New Yorker, Michael Wolff’s experiences with his elderly mother and eldercare in general lead to a haunting picture of growing old. How long should we hold on to those loved ones? Healthier lifestyles and medical advances mean a longer lived populace. This leads to the absurd realization that the healthier you are, the longer and more drawn out your decline. It’s horrifying and personally kind of scary.

Finally, the New York Times photo blog Lens has a thing up on Kiani Hayeri, a young woman living in Tehran. Her photo series, “Your Veil is a Battleground”, looks at life in Iran for the young and restless, showing the faces they wear behind closed doors as well as their public lives. I personally loved the diptych photos, especially the purple lipstick Mona (no. 17) wears.

I’m always up to reading an interesting article, so if you find some fascinating journalism, don’t hesitate to send something my way!


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