8 Jun

Continuing in the tradition of “eclectic music that I totally love”, today is all about Franz Schubert. I’ve loved random pieces of his work for years and years.

First up: Ave Maria. It’s one of his more famous pieces; the lyrics are originally from a poem by Walter Scott. I think it’s quite beautiful to listen to.


Then, the Erlking. This is not at all peaceful, but it’s fun. It’s from Goethe’s poem by the same name, where a young boy is being carried home with his father on horseback. All the while, he swears that he is being assailed by a supernatural creature, the Erlking. Not exactly family-friendly, but I like the tempo, which is supposed to mimic the horse’s hoof-beats.


And finally, Rosamunde.  Or, String Quartet No. 13 in A minor (Rosamunde), D 804.  This was the piece in the Avengers. You know, Loki’s museum scene. Yeah, you know which one I’m talking about. :D


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