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The Best Jack-o-Lantern to Ever Exist

31 Oct

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. You get to dress up, carve pumpkins, and beg people for free candy. I see no downsides whatsoever.  Okay, maybe the whole “sexy” costume thing, but that’s another post entirely. They don’t really celebrate Halloween here in France, which is downright criminal. I think I’ve seen one pumpkin this entire month, and it was at the veggie stand in town.

This, however, makes up for it. If you thought you were good at carving pumpkins, you have been totally and completely outclassed. This person has won the internet, real life, and my undying adoration.

For your consideration, Pumpktris.

That’s right, it’s a pumpkin that you can play TETRIS on.

The mad genius over at HaHa Bird decided to create a fully functional tetris jack-o-lantern. You can head over to his site to see the full breakdown of how he managed it; it’s pretty technical, but still awesome.

I might not have the technical expertise to try something like that on my own for Halloween, at least not this year, but hot damn, I am so aiming to try that in the future.

29 Oct

For whatever reason, kids in France get two weeks of vacation in the beginning of November. I’m a little jealous, but we all seem to be enjoying our time off by dealing with sore throats, sniffling noses, and general sleepytimes.

I’m going to be a little boring this week (the most excitement I had this weekend was falling down a flight of stairs, whooee.), but next week, I’m headed to London to see my good friend, S. In lieu of anything better no wait, I’m lying, this is best, I give you Joss Whedon’s presidential endorsement.

h/t to Anibundel.


26 Oct

It’s kind of wild to think that women have only been able to vote in our country for less than a hundred years. Via the Missouri History Museum, a bit of history for you.

I almost want to print one out and hang it on my wall.


Women voter’s cast 53% of all votes in the 2008 presidential election. I like to think those suffragettes are pretty damn happy with how that turned out.






Election 2012

24 Oct

I just sent in my absentee ballot yesterday. No surprises on who I put down for President. It’s amazing how giddy I was at the post office. Many thanks to Democrats Abroad, who clarified what paperwork needed to be done.

Remember, early voting has probably already started in your state! Get out and vote!



C’est la vie!

19 Oct


I first heard this song on one of those top-clip shows on French TV. Khaled is a pretty famous singer in Africa and Europe and this is his most recent single. Rai music is a mixture of Algerian folk songs and more modern music influences like rock and hip hop. It’s surprisingly addictive, even if I have no idea what the lyrics are saying in Arabic.  Believe it or not, the chorus is in simple enough French that even I understand it.


17 Oct

All arguments that coming to Paris was a bad idea are now null and void. Why? Because Paris has a inflatable Stonehenge art installation… that you can bounce on.

Yeah, let that sink in for a moment. Right next to Invalides, they have a giant bouncy-house that looks like a Stone Age megalith.


According to the literature on the site, this is “Sacrilege” by Jeremy Deller. “The work represents the famous temple of Stonehenge, a megalithic monument located in Great Britain. By re-imagining Stonehenge as an inflatable artwork, accessible to everyone, the artist questions the sacred and untouchable quality of spaces and emblems of power, especially that of political and religious power.”

My friend and I thought it was an insanely fun piece of art. I mean, come on.

Sacrilege is on display from Oct 16th to the 21st, from 3pm to 5:30pm. If you’re in Paris, I highly recommend you go visit.

The Louvre

15 Oct

Sorry about the lack of a post on Friday, but I have a real doozy to make up for it. Yes indeed, today I bring you terrible photos from the world famous Musée du Louvre!

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