The View From Abroad

10 Oct

I was walking with some friends the other day when I came across this advertisement on a newsstand. The main article is what caught my eye.

For those of us who don’t speak French, it’s titled “Romney the Alien: millionaire, Mormon, bumbler.”

This is a pretty accurate view of the Mittster in the international media. From what I’ve gathered*, most people are a little worried about Romney becoming president and hope Obama carries off this election.

I lived abroad during the Bush years – during Katrina, as a matter of fact – as well as during Obama’s tenure.  Frankly, I was sort of getting used to not being embarrassed about our democratically elected leader. So for all of you who aren’t planning to vote, think again. Because this is your most important civic duty.

And for god’s sake, pick the guy who isn’t going to make us look like idiots on the world’s stage.




*In the wholly unbiased and random polling of female au pairs in Paris, aged 18-27. Very scientifically sound, I know.

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