Shaka Ponk

12 Dec

I listen to a lot of French radio. There’s a radio in the kitchen and I usually have it on when I’m cooking or doing the dishes. Most of the music is surprisingly in English; American and British domination of the world’s music stage is pretty well documented at this point. But I have managed to find some local bands, including Shaka Ponk. They’re playing in Paris next month, so the local station is hawking the show constantly. I’d go, but a 35 euro ticket is a bit much for two songs.

They’re pretty ridiculous, but genuinely good fun. Here’s their major hit, “Let’s Bang”.


Another song which appears to be big right now is “I’m Picky”.



One Response to “Shaka Ponk”

  1. Dani December 17, 2012 at 1:31 am #

    ridiculous is an understatement. Love it!

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