Food Friday: McDonald’s

14 Dec

I’m should probably start by saying that I’m sorry. I’m living in Paris, one of the culinary capitals of the world (supposedly, anyways), and I resurrect Food Fridays with McDonald’s? Clearly, I need to explain.

Like many international brands, McDonald’s adapts to the local market desires. Yeah, you can get a cheeseburger at any Micky D’s in the world, but international franchises have different menu options. Australia has the McOz, which is a burger with beets. Chinese McDonald’s are primarily chicken sandwich items, with taro and red bean pastries instead of mini apple pie bars. You can also get congee on the breakfast menu. My favorite local item was probably the limited release riceburger in Taiwan – two rice patties with steak and onions in between. It sounds weird, but the thing was amazing.

French McDonald’s has the bagel burger. Yeah, that’s right, a McDonald’s bacon cheeseburger… on a bagel.

I don’t even know, man.

bacon burgerThe must-taste bacon bagel.

It was, uh, edible? The burger was pretty cold, temperature wise. I was unimpressed with the whole thing. The bacon tasted fake. The sauce was unappealing. The bagel itself tasted like a regular hamburger bun forced into an unnatural shape. I’d rate it a solid “would not recommend”.


The sides, on the other hand, were amazing. I freaking loved the steak fries. (Shut up, the other order of fries belongs to my friend Gabriella.) The cookie stick tasted much like reheated, mostly cooked cookie dough. So, delicious. My only problem was that they gave us salad dressing instead of ketchup for the fries. I’d definitely get those again next time. Not that I eat at McDonald’s often or anything. /shifty eyes





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  1. Kari December 16, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    Hi Jane:
    Fun to read your blog. Would love your email and address in France – send to me please! – love kari

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