Same Love

14 Jan

There was a massive demonstration yesterday in Paris against gay marriage yesterday. Organizers say it was attended by over 800,000 protesters, but the BBC puts it somewhere around 330,000. Currently, gay couples have the right to a civil union pact, which gives them similar rights to being married. Separate but equal, right? When Francois Hollande won the presidency last year, he did so on the promise of equal marriage and adoption rights for gays and lesbians.

Turns out, the right-wing and the religious are going to fight him on this. The “traditionalists”. Even the liberal and left-wing French people I’m talking to have issues on this. They keep saying things like “France is a Catholic nation”. Adoption, surrogacy, and in vitro fertilization is apparently a bridge too far. They think kids need a mother and a father. How dare the government take away “mother” and “father” from official paperwork in favor of something like “parent 1” and “parent 2”.

I am so fucking angry and heartbroken about this I’m shaking. For whatever reason, Europe is looked on as being saner and more progressive on gay rights, but every now and then you see that they’re just as fucked up as we Americans are.

Organizers of the march stressed they weren’t preaching hatred against homosexuals. Yeah, you just want to legally discriminate against someone who is different from you. Think of the children? Sure. Children raised by gays or lesbians aren’t harmed by it, except by hateful bastards such as yourself. And if your argument against LGBT couples adopting is based on the fact that a man and a woman are both necessary for conception, than hoo boy, as an anthropologist I get to call bullshit. Humans have been raising kids in all sorts of different configurations for as long as the species has been around.

This rally is going to have massive repercussions. People take demonstrations seriously here in France; the anti-equality crowd won a big PR battle today. I hope Hollande sticks to his guns on this issue.


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