Newcastle Hipster Hat

11 Mar

I recently finished another knitting project with some yarn that I bought in Newcastle, way back in November. It’s a lovely Rowan Tweed Aran in a cool turquoise/blue/purple colorway. (Nidd 781, for those who are curious.) I still miss my brown rasta hat, which I lost in Chengdu last winter, so I figured I should try to make something similar. The gods of Ravelry suggested this pattern by Amy Thiessen. Yes, it’s a replica of some hat that Kristen Stewart wore in one of the Twilight movies, but I liked the slouchiness. Let it slide, people.

 kevin in the hipster hatMy hipster hat, as modeled by my cousin Kevin.

In retrospect, I should have made the band a little tighter and stopped at 35 rows instead of going to 40 before the decrease. Since the tweed is a little heavy, the hat has a bad habit of sliding off when I’m not careful or I don’t bobby-pin it in place. I love it though. It’s so warm and I like how I can hide 95% of my frizz on a bad hair day. I’d definitely recommend this pattern.


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