Bilingual Bonus

20 Mar

Today in French music, we’re going to look at the rising trend of songs in more than one language. It’s really quite common these days for a song to start in French and then switch to English for the hook. I’m not sure why, maybe to increase their potential audience? I’m not certain this is a viable business strategy. I mean, I don’t know know Korean but I certainly enjoyed “Gangam Style”. Anyways, here’s a few which I think you might like.

First off, the weird one. The first time I heard this song, I though high school had come back to haunt my radio. This is a mash-up of Sean Paul and Simple Plan. Yeah, you read that correctly. SEAN PAUL and SIMPLE PLAN. In French. I don’t even know, you guys.

Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul, “Summer Paradise”

I can’t take this next one seriously either. Apparently, there’s a big cover band called Generation Goldman, which updates old hits by the French singer Goldman. Anyways, this one includes the lines “the heart of a Welsh boy who’s lost his soul” and “I can give you the force of my ancestral pride”. I crack up every time this shows up on the Top Clip shows.

Generation Goldman, “Je te donne”


I actually like this last one. This is a remix of Lily Allen’s “22”. The French lyrics complement the original verses and hook, making this a nice little song about how society fucks ladies up. (Spoken by the 23 year old.)

Lily Allen ft. Ours, “22”


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  1. elaine March 24, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

    jane,i missed your call the other day. try twice. i can’t phone your computer from my cell.or give me the cell number again. off to return a book. love you, mom

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