Arc de Triomphe

22 Mar

I went a little stir crazy last week, so when I went out last Saturday, I spontaneously decided to go visit another national monument. Not one of my bright brain blasts, considering it was hella cold, my camera’s kinda broken, and I forgot my residence permit (which means free entrance to almost all museums/monuments/cultural whatevers). Anywho, I had fun.

the arc

The French are pretty big on architectural monuments like the arch. Originally, arcs were built in honor of great military feats by the ancient Romans and were built only for the best and brightest generals. No surprise that Napoleon decided he had to have one some thousand years later. This particular arch was commissioned after his victory at Austerlitz in 1806, but wasn’t finished until thirty years later. Needless to say, it was no longer just a tribute to Napoleon’s awesome. Instead, the Arc is seen more of a monument to those who fought and died during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. They also have a tribute to the Unknown Soldier from WWI.

P1070051All the battles and generals of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars are inscribed on the interior of the arch.

P1070063 A cool statue up in the arch itself.

P1070075You get a great view of Paris from the arch, including the nearby Eiffel Tower.
It’s definitely worth the unending number of stairs that you need to scale to get to the top.


A tribute to the Unknown Soldier. They ceremonially relight the flame every day.


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  1. Karen March 22, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

    Sorry about the comment. I hadn’t looked at the blog. Nice, glad you’re getting out and about and seeing as much as you can.

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