Tadpole Socks

8 Apr

I’m still on a knitting roll. I managed to finish a pair of socks in under a month (one sock in a week!) due to the March vacation. This time around I tried this tadpole pattern off Ravelry. It’s a fairly simple pattern to memorize and I like how you only work the pattern on two sides, not all four.


I’m less confident about the heel-flap section, but that’s more of my incompetence than anything else. Somehow I managed to pick up an extra two stitches at some point when I was doing the turn heel on one sock. I don’t know. It was weird.  I’m probably not going to use the heel-flap version next time.


I used Berroco Sox yarn for these. The colorway’s a little busier than I like and the pattern kept misaligning by a stitch or two, which drove me crazy after a while. Still, it’s a perfectly serviceable sock and given that the weather’s still miserable, I figure I’ll get some use out of it before spring finally shows up.



2 Responses to “Tadpole Socks”

  1. Carmine E. Blake April 28, 2013 at 11:32 pm #

    When I knitted the leg of the first sock, it made a striping pattern. This looks really cool. After the heel flap and the gusset, the pattern was doing more of a swirled pattern. The purple and orange sections tended to fall together, and the green and yellow fell together. These two combos kind of chased each other around the sock. It is different from the leg portion, but also very cool. I was surprised how good these colors look together.


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