Coeur de Pirate

17 Apr

This next artist is one that I’ve loved for ages and ages. Coeur de Pirate (Pirate Heart) is a French Canadian singer who puts out absolutely lovely music. Her eponymous first album basically lived in the kitchen cd player until the rest of the family revolted. So the fact that her music is on the radio here in France pleases me greatly.

This song is from Blonde, her latest album. “Golden Baby” runs along the same lines of her previous hits: a peppy beat, a fun piano background (this time on the keyboard), and quick sappy lyrics.

“Ensemble” is probably one of her better known songs and one of my all time favorites. I first heard it when watching this adorable video on Youtube. Basically, I mainlined it so often I broke down and bought her first cd.


This final one, “Comme des enfants”, is another well-loved song. I learned the words just by listening to it over and over again. This was back when I knew precisely zero French, which should tell you a little something about how often I listened to this album.



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