Daft Punk

1 May

I’m pretty sure this duo is pretty much the best-known French band in the world, except for maybe Depeche Mode. So this week in French Music isn’t really much of an introduction to a little known band so much as a “hey, listen to Daft Punk’s new single!”.

“Get Lucky” is a collaboration with Pharrell Williams. This one’s got a definite funk groove? It’s growing on me, that’s for sure. Speaking of, where the heck is the official video? It’s been playing on the French music channels for like a week now, but it still hasn’t hit youtube? I don’t get it.

The next one is a longtime fave. Basically, I jump at any chance to rock out to “Harder Better Faster Stronger”. (Sorry Kanye, but the original is way better than yours.)

Another in the list of good songs with weird videos, we have “Around the World”. Seriously, I have no idea where they were going with this one. Good music though.


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