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Programming Notice

21 Jun

So, for the next two weeks, I’m going to be on a mini-hiatus for the summer. My cousin is visiting, I’m ending my stay here in Paris, and I’m headed back to the States.  I’ll try to keep this from turning into a long hiatus like last summer (heh, sorry about that), but things are going to be crazy on my end and I can’t promise much.  Thanks for understanding, and I’ll leave you all with a lovely picture of me in front of the Eiffel Tower.

me and eiffel tower



19 Jun

 Today in French music, I’m actually bringing you something in French. I’m just as surprised as you. Zaho is an Algerian R&B singer and I love this song, like “got it stuck in my head at and randomly sing it out loud” love it.

Also, I like the feel of this music video. The mountains remind me of the desert around Las Vegas, even if I know they’re in Northern Africa.

“Tourner la page”




Societe Generale

17 Jun

This commercial for a French bank came on today when I was watching tv with the kid. I don’t think you all would be surprised as to why I think it’s actually really funny.



Not bad, Societe Generale. I’m not banking with you, but I do give props for a decent ad campaign.

Musée Rodin

14 Jun

The Musée Rodin is actually very close by to my school in Paris, maybe a ten minute walk on the same road. So obviously, I must have gone many time before, right? Wrong. Somehow, I never thought of visiting until a gray day in June with torrential downpours. To an outdoor museum. I make all the best decisions.

The museum itself is housed in Hotel Biron, where the French sculptor Auguste Rodin did much of his work. It’s a pretty building that they basically moved all the furniture down, invested in some anti-theft tech, and put in a bunch of marble, bronze, and paper-mache sculptures. (And a few of the paintings that Rodin owned, like a Van Gogh or two, a Monet, and a Renoir. You know, as you do.)

burghers of calaisBurghers of Calais

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Pony Pony Run Run

12 Jun

I was actually pretty pleased to find out that this band is French. Their songs are played pretty frequently around here since both the girls and I like ’em. (Our shared playlist is surprisingly eclectic, running the gamut from 80s hair metal to modern electro pop.) Of course, I shouldn’t be so surprised – at least half the French artists I’ve showcased here sing in English.

This is their biggest hit, “Hey You”. You really can’t go wrong with a fun pop song. I was also really amused by the music video, if only because I kept thinking that everything looked suspiciously familiar and then there was an establishing shot of Wat Arun twenty seconds in. Oh, Bangkok.

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Rubber Duckie

10 Jun

rubber duck in hong kongPhoto via CNN.

Okay, today in the world is awesome, Hong Kong just said good bye to a massive inflatable rubber duck. This four-story duckie was hanging out in Victoria Harbor for the past two weeks, bobbing around and being adorable. It’s already visited Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam, and will be headed to the US sometime soon. So if you live in an American port city, keep a weather eye out for a giant yellow duck!


Père Lachaise Cemetary

7 Jun

pere lachaise entrance

On Thursday, my French class went on one of our “cultural field trips”. Previous ones have included cheese tasting and a tour of the area around the school, so this was a step up. Père Lachaise is Paris’s largest cemetery and some of the biggest and brightest personalities of the past two hundred years are buried there.

The cemetery is so famous and so many people wish to be buried there that some creative rules have been put into place on the question of space. You have to be French, died in France, or died for France to be buried there without an extravagant fee, and even then buying a plot in perpetuity is very, very, expensive. Entire families are often buried on one plot, going down as far as five levels. It’s kind of wild.

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