Musée Rodin

14 Jun

The Musée Rodin is actually very close by to my school in Paris, maybe a ten minute walk on the same road. So obviously, I must have gone many time before, right? Wrong. Somehow, I never thought of visiting until a gray day in June with torrential downpours. To an outdoor museum. I make all the best decisions.

The museum itself is housed in Hotel Biron, where the French sculptor Auguste Rodin did much of his work. It’s a pretty building that they basically moved all the furniture down, invested in some anti-theft tech, and put in a bunch of marble, bronze, and paper-mache sculptures. (And a few of the paintings that Rodin owned, like a Van Gogh or two, a Monet, and a Renoir. You know, as you do.)

burghers of calaisBurghers of Calais

Calais closeupA close up of one of the Burghers and the most adorable class of elementary school kids on a field trip in the background.

The garden is the big attraction, with roses in full bloom and many of his bronzes place out in the splendor. I really liked wandering around and being startled by the piped in musical sounds. Things like atonal humming, wailing, laughter, or bird chirping. It was an odd layer to the whole thing.

three shadesThree Shades, from Dante’s Divine Comedy

gates of hellA close up detail from The Gates of Hell, which I don’t have any good photos of, sorry.

the sleeperRodin’s quite famous for his marble sculptures, but apparently you aren’t supposed to take photos of them, which I learned after taking this one. Sorry Musee Rodin staff.

P1070682Rodin’s The Thinker. It was full on downpour at this point, so I’m just glad I got a semi-decent shot without ruining my camera.

It was actually fairly pleasant, despite the torrential downpour. In fact, it kept the whole thing a little cozy, since the number of tourists decreases dramatically. Only the hardcore ones go out, or idiots like me on the one day I don’t wear my raincoat or bring an umbrella.

rose gardenRoses in the garden.


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