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24 Feb

Over the weekend I discovered this catchy song from the Belgian rapper Stromae.  It’s a fun, bouncy song up until the point where you really listen to (or translate, depending on how good your French is) the lyrics.  Turns out, this dance song is about a young boy lamenting his absent father.  It’s somewhat autobiographical in nature, which makes it even sadder.  Still, I can’t help but sing and dance along.  It really is that good.


17 Feb

Over the weekend, I finally went and saw Disney’s Frozen.  I realize it’s been out for at least two months now, but if you haven’t seen it yet you should try to catch it in theaters.  I was super impressed.  The storyline is clever, the characters are lovely, and the music is quite catchy.  Idina Menzel sings a showstopping number called “Let it Go”, which fankly wins all awards and all the love.

However, Youtube also suggested the link for the multi-lingual version.  This is surprisingly fun as well, since you find yourself singing along in Japanese or German despite not being able to say anything in either.

Meditations on Snow

10 Feb

ImageOne of my neighbors has this lovely Buddha at the head of their driveway. I feel like the Buddha is dealing with the weather much better than I am. (Why yes, it snowed even more last night, why do you ask?)