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It’s Like Windows95 All Over Again

9 Jan

I lost two days of work on my translation this weekend. LibreOffice, the open source alternative to Microsoft Word, has a recognized bug where it will crash every time you hit save after futzing around with columns. It crashed and lost two days worth of translating. I was almost done. I had two fucking paragraphs left.

Look, LibreOffice, I get that you’re open source. I appreciate you trying to give people an alternative to Microsoft Word or whatever the hell Linux users write with. But this only works if you work. And Ubuntu? You’re not off the hook, either. You launched Natty and Oneiric with a known fuckup. TWO DAYS OF WORK. That’s not a minor bug, ladies and gentleman. There’s a fix, but gosh, wouldn’t it have been lovely if one of those pesky Updates that you send every three days had included one for this? And the temp backup only works if it comes preselected. You guys promised it would be better on Ubuntu than Windows, but I’m freezing/crashing at the same rate, I can’t play any of my Steam games, and for some freaking reason, I have data recovery issues? What gives? I’m not a coder, I barely make the Terminal work. Give me some guidance here.

As usual, XKCD gets exactly what I mean.


12 Oct

So, this is a techie post. Or what passes for technologically savvy for me, anyways.

About two months ago, I decided that since my new laptop (thanks Gramma!) was practically empty, I would lose absolutely nothing if I switched from Windows to a Linux based OS. I’d been mulling over such an attempt for years, so the low barrier to entry was enough to push me on over to the Ubuntu side of things.

I’m probably the most technological functionally-illiterate peasant out there. I don’t know how things work, only that they do. I’m firmly in the camp that the M in MP3 stands for Magic, because how the hell else would it work. Zeros? Ones? Are you listening to yourself? Yeah right.

This is problematic when I need help for fixing things: the assorted Linux and Ubuntu community is based around the idea that if you’re smart enough to switch away from Windows, then you’re smart enough to code your way to a solution.

I am not this type of person, unfortunately.

This leads to two days surfing the web trying to find solutions to things other users fix in minutes or hours. When a regular security update negated my ability to use Firefox, I spent a day without internet, just seething, before I realized there are other internet browsers out there and downloaded Epiphany (no joke), a bare-bones web browser that helped me find a solution.

Right now, my frustration is based around playing games. I bought Portal and Civ4 from Steam over the summer and loaded it onto the family desktop. Since I still want to violate the laws of physics and take over the known world, I thought I’d try to load ’em both onto Bo. (Yes, I named my laptop.) Thus leading to the week-long journey into purgatory. Wine, a Windows emulator, and Steam don’t really play nicely together. Steam doesn’t like Ubuntu at all, and Wine is giving me shit. I haunt places like WineHQ Bugzilla and the Ubuntu forums. I’m learning all sorts of interesting things about my computer.

This isn’t to give you all the impression that Ubuntu is a pain in the ass. (Well, it can be. Sometimes.) I genuinely do like having it. I think it is cleaner, less annoying than a Mac, and has very little security/virus issues that Windows suffers from.

It’s just kicking my ass right now.  Blargh.  I’ll find the solution one of these days, but that doesn’t mean the journey isn’t aggravating sometimes.