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Our New Feline Overlords

22 Feb

I could be talking about all sorts of interesting or fascinating subjects, but this is a Team Cat blog and frankly, this is too awesome to not pass on. Apparently, there’s a train station in Japan that is run by a cat.

Meet Tama. She’s the station manager and operating officer of the Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Japan.

 TamaPhoto by Anthonation, Wikipedia Commons.

In 2006, the Wakayama Electric Rail company decided to make all their stations on the Kishigawa line automated. They originally picked station managers from local workers who could keep an eye on things. Toshiko Koyama was the first manger and she fed the local strays at the stop, including Tama. In 2007, Tama was officially named as the station manager. Tama gets paid in free cat food and gets to wear a funny little hat. Since then, she’s risen in the ranks and is currently “the only female in a managerial position within the company”, which is less funny and more sad. Hey, let’s look at her in a funny hat to make us feel better about entrenched sexism in the workplace!

tama 2013Tama wishes everyone a great 2013 in this photo from the official Kishigawa Line blog.

I for one cannot wait until increased automation allows us to name household pets as transportation workers in the US. One can only imagine that Mr. Snuffles would be a better manager of the LIRR.



The Internet is for Cats

16 Jan

About two months ago, I introduced Simon’s Cat to S. S. thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. In the intervening months, I have watched every Simon’s Cat video on the internet. Multiple times. I think this is karma for how I watched the Little Mermaid and Pocahantas over and over and over again. If anyone has any awesome cat videos, I’d love a little variety. (We also watch Maru, over and over and over and over…)


Here’s one of today’s favorites:


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26 Sep

Today nothing interesting happened.  Sorry.

Here, why don’t you look at some cats instead?

Look, they’re even doing people things.  In French!