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22 May

I went to see the Great Gatsby this past weekend with a friend. I have to say, it was a definite spectacle. It might have been better in 2D, if only because 3D gives me awful headaches. I really enjoyed how they translated it to the screen. Leonardo DiCaprio was an excellent Jay Gatsby. But the cast almost seemed overshadowed by the beautiful cinematography and the soundtrack.

Ever since I left the theater, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat. My fave is surprisingly Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful”. It’s surprising since a) the most emotion I could dredge up for her previous work was meh and b) there’s a Florence + the Machine song on the soundtrack and my love for Florence knows no bounds.

After the jump, some other favorites.

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Breath of Life

4 May

New Florence + the Machine, you guys! It goes without saying that this has been on repeat ever since I first heard it. It’s for the new Snow White movie, which looks intriguing.

H/t to Anibundel.


16 Dec

So, I’m a big fan of Florence + the Machine. I kept their first album Lungs in the car and played it constantly. Fun fact: you can get precisely three play-thrus of that cd on the drive from my house in Gainesville to Trish’s dorm in Orlando, if you skip Track 8 each time. Yeah.

It’s not really a surprise that my go-to Pandora radio station is Florence + the Machine. What’s weird is how that station has evolved in the past few months. Suddenly, I’m getting a lot more indie music, a bit of folk and country (oh god no kill it with fire what the hell pandora), a lot of old Motown (???), and some random pop crap (Beyonce gets moved to another station for when I want that sort of thing; Train’s Hey Soul Sistah gets terminated with extreme prejudice). But sometimes, a song comes along and suddenly I must listen to it constantly NOW.

In no particular order, here we go.

Imogen Heap – Canvas

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Runaway

Clare Bowditch – When I Was Five