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24 Mar

Today’s musical offering is another French song that I’ve been singing constantly. “Dernière Danse (Last Dance)” is a wry commentary on being an outsider in France. While Indila was born in Paris, she has Algerian, Cambodian, Egyptian, and Indian ancestry and the life she sings about isn’t rosy.  The song starts off with the line “Oh ma douce souffrance (Oh my sweet suffering)” and just keeps going from there.  It’s a clever play on the patriotic song, “Douce France”.  This song is currently at the top of the charts, it’s catchy as all get out, and it’s fun to sing. What else could you ask for?



24 Feb

Over the weekend I discovered this catchy song from the Belgian rapper Stromae.  It’s a fun, bouncy song up until the point where you really listen to (or translate, depending on how good your French is) the lyrics.  Turns out, this dance song is about a young boy lamenting his absent father.  It’s somewhat autobiographical in nature, which makes it even sadder.  Still, I can’t help but sing and dance along.  It really is that good.


27 Jan

I watched the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie Oblivion last week and was totally blown away. It was definitely better than I expected. The film was visually stunning, even if the story was a little derivative of generic sci-fi tropes. And the music was excellent, including this fantastic credit song from our old friends M83 and Susanne Sundfør on the vocals. The soundtrack in general is a fun one to play, and I would definitely recommend watching the movie.


19 Jun

 Today in French music, I’m actually bringing you something in French. I’m just as surprised as you. Zaho is an Algerian R&B singer and I love this song, like “got it stuck in my head at and randomly sing it out loud” love it.

Also, I like the feel of this music video. The mountains remind me of the desert around Las Vegas, even if I know they’re in Northern Africa.

“Tourner la page”




Pony Pony Run Run

12 Jun

I was actually pretty pleased to find out that this band is French. Their songs are played pretty frequently around here since both the girls and I like ’em. (Our shared playlist is surprisingly eclectic, running the gamut from 80s hair metal to modern electro pop.) Of course, I shouldn’t be so surprised – at least half the French artists I’ve showcased here sing in English.

This is their biggest hit, “Hey You”. You really can’t go wrong with a fun pop song. I was also really amused by the music video, if only because I kept thinking that everything looked suspiciously familiar and then there was an establishing shot of Wat Arun twenty seconds in. Oh, Bangkok.

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Maître Gims

5 Jun

Today in French music, we’re moving away from my beloved pop rock to something a little different. This is the latest single from Maitre Gims. I gotta say, it’s pretty catchy for something I don’t know a whole lot of the words. I’m not going to buy the album or anything, but I thought it might be a nice switch from the usual.

Daft Punk

1 May

I’m pretty sure this duo is pretty much the best-known French band in the world, except for maybe Depeche Mode. So this week in French Music isn’t really much of an introduction to a little known band so much as a “hey, listen to Daft Punk’s new single!”.

“Get Lucky” is a collaboration with Pharrell Williams. This one’s got a definite funk groove? It’s growing on me, that’s for sure. Speaking of, where the heck is the official video? It’s been playing on the French music channels for like a week now, but it still hasn’t hit youtube? I don’t get it.

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