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Hong Kong

16 Jun

Well, I’ve been sitting on some rather important news for a little while, mostly because my life has been amazingly busy the past few months. In addition to finally landing a translation job, I also moved to Hong Kong at the beginning of June. So, yeah. That happened.

hong kong cat says maoZoe says hi.

I’m living in a quiet section of Kowloon with an old friend — Mlle. A and her cat Zoe.  I’m really liking it so far. It’s warm and lovely, even if the pollution has been a little bad the past few days. I haven’t been exploring the neighborhood a whole lot in the past two weeks, mostly because I’m usually exhausted from my day job during the week and then from the boatloads of translating that I have to do on the weekends.  I did manage to find a place that does amazing takeaway roast duck three streets over, so at least I’m eating well.  (That is a lie; I am mostly eating PB&J sandwiches and Lucky Charms because I am lazy.)
I will do more exploring as time permits, no worries there.  If there’s anything in particular you think I should go visit, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, on y va!


State of the Blog

13 Jan

So, it’s been a while, huh? I can’t say I’m entirely surprised, mostly since life in scenic LI doesn’t exactly inspire one to keep a semi-regular posting schedule.  Life’s been a little weird in the months since I let the blog slide, but I figure it’s a new year and a good time to start getting back into the swing of things.  (No, this is not a hint that I am moving somewhere exotic. At least, I don’t think I am.)

I’ll try to post at least once a week on Mondays, with additional posts as I feel like.  I can’t promise anything spectacular (again, suburban Long Island) but hey, it’s a free internet out there.

Programming Notice

21 Jun

So, for the next two weeks, I’m going to be on a mini-hiatus for the summer. My cousin is visiting, I’m ending my stay here in Paris, and I’m headed back to the States.  I’ll try to keep this from turning into a long hiatus like last summer (heh, sorry about that), but things are going to be crazy on my end and I can’t promise much.  Thanks for understanding, and I’ll leave you all with a lovely picture of me in front of the Eiffel Tower.

me and eiffel tower

Hiatus, y’all!

9 Jan

Yes, yes, I’ve been on a hiatus for Christmas break. Sorry about that. I’ve been pretty boring, to be honest. Just puttering around, you know how it goes. I’ll be back in Paris this weekend, so my updates will continue as normally scheduled starting next week.

In other news, have you seen the Hobbit? Go see the Hobbit. Here’s a really cool orchestral cover of the Misty Mountain song that the dwarves sing.


Programming Notice

13 Jan

For the next month or so my posting schedule is going to be erratic or downright nonexistent. China’s major holiday is the Spring Festival aka the Lunar New Year. It’s like Christmas, New Year’s and your birthday rolled up in one, plus enough fireworks to make your last Fourth of July display look like a couple of bottle rockets. Therefore, I’m on break for the next four weeks or so.

Right now, I’m hosting my Dad for a few days and then I’m meeting Mom for a two week tour of Australia. I’ve never seen Sydney and I really want to go to the Great Barrier Reef as well. Given my neon white complexion, I foresee large floppy hats and a bucket of sunscreen in my future. Then, I’ll try to meet my friend Katia in Beijing for a week before scooting back to Chengdu in February.

Should all go well, I should have a few moments here and there to post updates, but I’m not promising anything. :D See you all in February!

In the Country of Heaven will be on hiatus until February 13.