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Old London

16 Nov

Part of London’s charm is that it’s just such an old place, lived in place. People have been bouncing around there for over two thousand years. Amazingly, some stuff is still standing. Well, sort of, anyways. No trip to London is complete without visiting the monarchical historical mainstays: the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey.

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The British Museum

12 Nov

To the absolute surprise of no-one, I fell deeply and madly in love with London about two minutes after falling oh-so-gracefully out of my over-night bus from Paris. My friend Steph, who met me at Victoria Station, can attest to how coherent I was that morning. (Not very.) Nothing a pot of tea and a full English breakfast couldn’t fix. Then, off to my number one must-see: the British Museum.

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Obama 2012

7 Nov

Well done, America, you didn’t fuck it up. Although Florida, seriously, it’s been 24 hours. Get it together.

Scenes from a bar abroad:

London Calling

2 Nov

I’m headed off to the UK to see some old friends during my week off.  By the time this posts, I should have made it to London. I’ll try to keep to my semi-regular posting schedule, but I make no promises. I’ve got an action packed weekend planned in London and then I head north to Newcastle for another couple of days. I foresee lots of pub visits, in between all the museums and sight-seeing.

It’s gonna be a blast., assuming the nine hour bus ride doesn’t kill me first.


See y’all on the other side of the Channel!