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The Louvre, Part Two

5 Apr

the louvre

It’s been a while since I visited the Louvre last year, so when some friends came into town I agreed to go with them. It’s such a huge museum and there’s so much to see; it’s basically impossible to see everything culturally important. In fact, after a while, your brain turns to mush. “Oh look,” you mutter to yourself, “another ‘Assumption of Mary Into Heaven’.” You get exceptionally good at spotting Biblical stories.  (Especially the ones that can be drawn topless, like the story of Jesus and the Adulteress, or anything with Delilah or Bathsheba.)  Finding something inspired by Greek or Roman mythology is like shooting very dumb fish in a very small barrel. You get bored and start noticing how long it takes to walk through a hall. When was the last time you ate, anyways? Maybe we should go to the cafe, you guys.

I call this Museum Fatigue. Some people are cultural marathoners, and can spend days wandering the exhibits. Some people are sprinters, and can be done with a museum in under two hours. I’m somewhere in between the two, but mostly I tap out after three hours. Our group was mixed between sprinters and marathoners, meaning two of us spent a few hours hanging out at the museum cafe talking while the others were getting some culture in. (Hint: I was one of the people at the cafe.)

In the meantime, I did see some cool new things this visit.

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The Louvre

15 Oct

Sorry about the lack of a post on Friday, but I have a real doozy to make up for it. Yes indeed, today I bring you terrible photos from the world famous Musée du Louvre!

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