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Of the Night

28 Apr

Life’s been super crazy on my end, y’all. I hope



17 Feb

Over the weekend, I finally went and saw Disney’s Frozen.  I realize it’s been out for at least two months now, but if you haven’t seen it yet you should try to catch it in theaters.  I was super impressed.  The storyline is clever, the characters are lovely, and the music is quite catchy.  Idina Menzel sings a showstopping number called “Let it Go”, which fankly wins all awards and all the love.

However, Youtube also suggested the link for the multi-lingual version.  This is surprisingly fun as well, since you find yourself singing along in Japanese or German despite not being able to say anything in either.


19 Jun

 Today in French music, I’m actually bringing you something in French. I’m just as surprised as you. Zaho is an Algerian R&B singer and I love this song, like “got it stuck in my head at and randomly sing it out loud” love it.

Also, I like the feel of this music video. The mountains remind me of the desert around Las Vegas, even if I know they’re in Northern Africa.

“Tourner la page”




Pony Pony Run Run

12 Jun

I was actually pretty pleased to find out that this band is French. Their songs are played pretty frequently around here since both the girls and I like ’em. (Our shared playlist is surprisingly eclectic, running the gamut from 80s hair metal to modern electro pop.) Of course, I shouldn’t be so surprised – at least half the French artists I’ve showcased here sing in English.

This is their biggest hit, “Hey You”. You really can’t go wrong with a fun pop song. I was also really amused by the music video, if only because I kept thinking that everything looked suspiciously familiar and then there was an establishing shot of Wat Arun twenty seconds in. Oh, Bangkok.

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22 May

I went to see the Great Gatsby this past weekend with a friend. I have to say, it was a definite spectacle. It might have been better in 2D, if only because 3D gives me awful headaches. I really enjoyed how they translated it to the screen. Leonardo DiCaprio was an excellent Jay Gatsby. But the cast almost seemed overshadowed by the beautiful cinematography and the soundtrack.

Ever since I left the theater, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat. My fave is surprisingly Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful”. It’s surprising since a) the most emotion I could dredge up for her previous work was meh and b) there’s a Florence + the Machine song on the soundtrack and my love for Florence knows no bounds.

After the jump, some other favorites.

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Coeur de Pirate

17 Apr

This next artist is one that I’ve loved for ages and ages. Coeur de Pirate (Pirate Heart) is a French Canadian singer who puts out absolutely lovely music. Her eponymous first album basically lived in the kitchen cd player until the rest of the family revolted. So the fact that her music is on the radio here in France pleases me greatly.

This song is from Blonde, her latest album. “Golden Baby” runs along the same lines of her previous hits: a peppy beat, a fun piano background (this time on the keyboard), and quick sappy lyrics.

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27 Mar

Okay, so this isn’t a French singer per se, but it is in French? Well, the first song is. Recently, the British singer Mika put out his first French single, “Elle Me Dit”. I unashamedly love it. Love, love, love it. It’s fun to dance to, it’s fun to sing along, it’s great all around.


“Elle Me Dit”

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