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Summer Splendor

8 Jul

Well, I’m finally back in the States. During my little hiatus, my cousin came to visit Paris, I packed everything in my room into two bags, I flew to Chicago for a family shindig, United lost my big red duffel bag (the one with all of my clothes) for a week, and I returned to New York state for the summer. Oh, and I had a birthday. Not a bad two weeks, all in all.

Now that I’m no longer in an exciting and exotic place – suburban Long Island is no one’s idea of exotic – I’m going to relax my posting schedule to twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. I know this kind of schedule slip is usually the death knell for web comics and other blogs on the internet, but have a little faith here. I’ve invested this much time and effort in this weird little blog, I’m not giving up that easily.

So, sit back and relax; on Friday I’ll finally show you the Eiffel Tower up close and personal.


Programming Notice

21 Jun

So, for the next two weeks, I’m going to be on a mini-hiatus for the summer. My cousin is visiting, I’m ending my stay here in Paris, and I’m headed back to the States.  I’ll try to keep this from turning into a long hiatus like last summer (heh, sorry about that), but things are going to be crazy on my end and I can’t promise much.  Thanks for understanding, and I’ll leave you all with a lovely picture of me in front of the Eiffel Tower.

me and eiffel tower

200, Baby!

3 May

Today marks a major milestone for In the Country of Heaven. Somehow, against all odds, I’ve managed to keep updating this thing and reach a grand total of 200 posts. I’m just as shocked as you are. I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep this blog going, but I’ll keep posting if you all keep reading.

To celebrate, here’s a picture of me looking ridiculous in front of the Eiffel Tower.

eiffel tower

London Calling

2 Nov

I’m headed off to the UK to see some old friends during my week off.  By the time this posts, I should have made it to London. I’ll try to keep to my semi-regular posting schedule, but I make no promises. I’ve got an action packed weekend planned in London and then I head north to Newcastle for another couple of days. I foresee lots of pub visits, in between all the museums and sight-seeing.

It’s gonna be a blast., assuming the nine hour bus ride doesn’t kill me first.


See y’all on the other side of the Channel!

29 Oct

For whatever reason, kids in France get two weeks of vacation in the beginning of November. I’m a little jealous, but we all seem to be enjoying our time off by dealing with sore throats, sniffling noses, and general sleepytimes.

I’m going to be a little boring this week (the most excitement I had this weekend was falling down a flight of stairs, whooee.), but next week, I’m headed to London to see my good friend, S. In lieu of anything better no wait, I’m lying, this is best, I give you Joss Whedon’s presidential endorsement.

h/t to Anibundel.

Programming Notice

18 Jun

So, I’m in Nanjing visiting my cousin Kyle right now. Or I should be. I’m not sure about internet access for the next week and a half, as I travel to Hong Kong and then on to home in NY, so this week is going to be filler-heavy. Sorry about that. Have some excellent dubstep, instead.

This video is like the Jabbawockeez had a TRON challenge, which is to say that it’s awesome.

Happy Tomb-Sweeping Day!

4 Apr

Today is Ching Ming Jie, or the Feast of Tomb Sweeping. In traditional Chinese calender, today is an important time in spring for people to remember their ancestors and honor them by cleaning off their graves and lighting a bit of incense and by flying kites and having picnics. Okay, the latter bit might just be a slightly more modern addition.

I care, mostly since I’ve got the week off. How is this different from every other week, you ask? Well, so does everyone else. And so, I am headed off to merry Hong Kong to visit my friend Amy. I should be gone for about a week. I’m planning of flying in and taking the train back. It’s a 32 hour ride, so that’ll be interesting. I’ll have lots of cool things to talk about then, but my return time is still a little fuzzy, so I don’t know when exactly I’ll post again.

Posts will probably return on April 11th and on April 13th at the absolute latest. In the meantime, go fly a kite in honor of your ancestors and have fun!