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Vanilla Latte Socks

31 May

I am on a knitting roll. I finished not one, but TWO projects this week. I’m shocked. The first is a pair of socks that I started in April. The second is a gift, so y’all don’t get to see it until the thing gets mailed to the US. Anyways, I’ve had this skein of bright pink/orange/red yarn for about a year now and I figured it was about time to do something with it. I feel all good inside when I make a dent in my yarn stash, you know?


The Vanilla Latte socks are super simple, which is what I was looking for. After the tadpole socks, I wanted something a little mindless to knit. And voila! I feel like the color makes up for the relatively plain pattern, don’t you?

socks 2


Tadpole Socks

8 Apr

I’m still on a knitting roll. I managed to finish a pair of socks in under a month (one sock in a week!) due to the March vacation. This time around I tried this tadpole pattern off Ravelry. It’s a fairly simple pattern to memorize and I like how you only work the pattern on two sides, not all four.


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18 Apr

My current knitting best is finishing a pair of socks in under three weeks. No, the Apocalypse is not nigh. Mostly, it just means that I get hella productive in other endeavors when I don’t have the internet at my disposal 24-7.

For two weeks, depressed because of my move to a new dorm and annoyed at my lack of internet, I watched lots of movies and knit. And knit and knit and knit and I had gotten to the saturation point where I was dreaming of knitting. I also managed to burn through all of Planet Earth, three seasons of Supernatural, and a couple of forgettable movies. The end result? This.

 This is the Nutkin pattern, made by Beth LaPensee. I rather like it. It’s simple. Easy to follow, simple to memorize, practically idiot-proof, and it looks super impressive. It’s not lacy, despite the yarn-overs, and a top-down sock, which I prefer. I used Meilenweit Merino Lana Grosa (2143), which I got from the lovely ladies at the Knitting Cove in Port Jefferson when I was home for Christmas.

I think I’m going to leave the sock knitting alone for now. It’s been my default project for the past six months, and I’ve worn my poor DPNs to shreds. Right now, I’m working on a nice, simple baktus scarf and using my Noro Silk Garden yarn. I think there’s a little too much wool in the yarn to make them into socks, anyways. And then there’s the lovely silk yarn that I picked up in Sydney at the Rocks Street Fair last January. It might become a shawl, or maybe a scarf or two. Not that I need any more scarves, but it would make a pretty gift.

As for these socks, they’ve been bundled up and sent off to a friend. Hope you enjoy the socks, Sophie!

Not Quite Peppermint

7 Nov

So, I finished my first pair of socks this week, the ones I mentioned way back in Charade. They’re sockerrific. Katia thinks I’m insane to actually wear them, after all the time and effort, but dammit, I made me some socks and I’m gonna wear ’em if I wanna.

Charade, by Sandra Park.  Found here on Ravelry.

This project took me about three months, off and on. It was the kind of project where I wouldn’t touch it for two weeks and then the next day get a third of the sock done. I like color pattern of the yarn, but as I mentioned last time, I’d probably choose something a little sturdier for my next pair.  Oh well.

Now, for my next trick, a pair of gloves! If my past experience with knitting winter gear holds true, I should be finished with them around May.


19 Sep

Warning: This post contains high quantities of knitting and wool. If this is not your thing, go find your own cup of tea, yeah?

The weather this past weekend was excellent for knitting: dreary, cold and damp, with occasional downpours and cracks of lightning. Very impressive on the part of Mother Nature, especially since all I wanted to do was curl up with a cup of tea (thanks, Stephanie!) and “The History of Rome” podcast. Thanks to enforced slothfulness and a meeting of the Chengdu Ravelry knitters club (hi guys!), I finished my first real knitting project. Well, half of my first real knitting project.

This is the super lovely Charade pattern from Ravelry. (Link leads to a restricted site, but registration is free and I highly recommend it if you want new patterns. I’m metaneira on there.) The pattern is very easy for beginners and not too hard to decipher. I deviated from the pattern in a few places, but mostly in the toe. The original pattern went mildly wonky and not at all suited for my ginormous big toe. It was kind of weird looking, so I frogged it and went looking for something a little more reinforced, to stave off the inevitable holes.

I found the Nutkin pattern, also on Ravelry, and figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I also gave myself an extra three knit-purl rounds in order to accommodate my aforementioned big toe. This time, it worked like a charm. Also, cool thing, I hooked my phone SD card up to the computer and could load the pattern PDF onto it. Now I don’t have to print the darn thing out or spend an hour scribbling out incomprehensible gibberish onto whatever I have handy. Cool, huh?

This wool is a superfine merino bought from the lovely ladies at the Knitting Cove in Port Jefferson, NY. If you’re in the area, check ’em out, they’ve got great stuff. I love the variegated reds and pinks. It’s very cheery, although, I’d probably pick a slightly sturdier wool for socks next time. It feels a little thin for someone as, uh, unkind to her socks as I am. I used up about ¾ of a large skein on this first sock, but not to worry, I bought two! Yay for thinking ahead!

I feel really pleased about finishing this sock. Sometimes, my projects tend to go a little off, like the hat for a giant, or the sock that would have barely fit a child, let alone me. This sock took me about two months? Yeah, that sounds right. On the other hand, I frogged it like three times, due to hilarious mistakes. So, I figure the next one should go a little quicker, since I know what I’m doing now.

Yay for knitting!