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Rubber Duckie

10 Jun

rubber duck in hong kongPhoto via CNN.

Okay, today in the world is awesome, Hong Kong just said good bye to a massive inflatable rubber duck. This four-story duckie was hanging out in Victoria Harbor for the past two weeks, bobbing around and being adorable. It’s already visited Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam, and will be headed to the US sometime soon. So if you live in an American port city, keep a weather eye out for a giant yellow duck!


The Saga of Biorn

23 May

Still sick. Alas. Here’s some more awesome filler.

It’s a short video about Vikings. I have a soft spot for Vikings. I mean, yeah, they raped and pillaged coastal Europe for the good part of a millennium, to the extent that the Lord’s Prayer had a local addition to the tune of “please keep the northmen away oh god oh god” for most of coastal Northern Europe. But their mythology is interesting as all get out. I mean, this is the culture that brought us Thor, Loki, and Odin. Where would we (and the Avengers!) be without that?


18 May

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that dragons are awesome. Personally, I started with Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series early on – I wanted to be Menolly, circa Dragonsinger, so very bad – and never really got over it.

I know this week has been video-heavy, but trust me, this is awesome and probably will make you cry. Because it is that awesome. It’s a project done by Toniko Pantoja, a second-year at the California Institute of the Arts, and probably has more heart than the last three movies you saw, unless one of those movies was by Pixar.  (Seriously, Pixar? Give this dude a call.) 

Crayon Dragon

His other film is about gangsters and stage magicians. It’s a little shorter but still very fun to watch.

Serenade to Miette

h/t Liz