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The Eiffel Tower

12 Jul

eiffel tower

It sounds kind of crazy, but I didn’t visit Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower until my last week in France. Or at least, I didn’t go up it. It’s hard to miss Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece: you can see the tower from all sorts of random places within Paris. I had an excellent view on my train ride into the city every morning. But every time I went past the Champs de Mars and looked at the long, winding queue, I said, “nah, let’s leave it for next week” up until there was no putting it off.

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The Towers of Notre Dame

27 May

gargoyles eiffel

I went over to the Notre Dame with a friend on Sunday. Her time in Paris is winding down, so we’re hitting all those tourist sites that she hasn’t been to yet. Yesterday, I finally went up to the bell towers at the cathedral to see some of those gargoyles and church bells up close.

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8 May

For some reason, I’ve always wanted to go north. Scandinavia always held something that caught my interest. Was it the Vikings? That super cool Danish friend I had in high school or those awesome Norwegians I met in university? When I was looking at families that needed a nanny, I specified three cities – Paris, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. I almost went to Denmark instead of France, if you can believe it. I’m grateful for the past year in Paris, don’t get me wrong. But I wanted to see what it was like further north.

I’m glad I waited until spring though.

This is City Hall, where they throw the Nobel Prize party.  The gray floaty dots aren't UFOs, my camera lense is just borked.

This is City Hall, where they throw the Nobel Prize party. The gray floaty dots aren’t UFOs, my camera lens is just borked.

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Arc de Triomphe

22 Mar

I went a little stir crazy last week, so when I went out last Saturday, I spontaneously decided to go visit another national monument. Not one of my bright brain blasts, considering it was hella cold, my camera’s kinda broken, and I forgot my residence permit (which means free entrance to almost all museums/monuments/cultural whatevers). Anywho, I had fun.

the arc

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18 Feb

Over the weekend, I visited the Musee de l’Orangerie with a friend. The museum was built specifically to house the Nymphéas, eight of Claude Monet’s water lilies paintings. There are two oval rooms and the paintings are affixed directly to the walls. One of the larger paintings, Le matin aux saules, measures 2 meters by 100 meters. Frankly, it’s kind of stunning to just walk in and see the vast expanse of paint on the walls.

I don’t have anything to show you all as taking photos was forbidden. Probably a good idea on their part. However, the Musee de l’Orangerie has a virtual tour on their website and panorama shots of each painting. I’d suggest heading over there to take a gander at the grandeur. I really enjoyed sitting and just looking at the colors; I’ve always loved Monet ever since “Art on a Cart” in elementary school, so seeing his work in person was really gratifying.

The Louvre

15 Oct

Sorry about the lack of a post on Friday, but I have a real doozy to make up for it. Yes indeed, today I bring you terrible photos from the world famous Musée du Louvre!

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Notre Dame

5 Oct

Like I said last time, my class is pretty centrally located. It’s only a fifteen minute walk to the heart of Paris, and some pretty key tourist attractions. Exhibit A: Notre Dame. The cathedral is 850 years old this fall. That’s pretty damn old.

 Not seen: Hunchback of, or moving gargoyles.

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