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10 Mar

So yeah, my love for time lapse videos of the stars is well documented on this very blog.  Today iteration is from Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill, who spent ten months backpacking around Yosemite National Park to bring me such lovely lovely things.  (And hey, the music is M83!)  I’ve never seen the Milky Way before – too much light pollution – and this video makes me want to go on a long hike into the wilderness so that I actually can see it.

5 Ways to Fake a Thigh Gap

2 Aug

I didn’t even know this was a thing – thigh gaps, ugh, are you even kidding me? – but this was hysterical. Also, she’s the lady behind the Feminist Make-up Tutorial, which is always good for a watch.


24 May

I don’t know what the heck is going on this week in the world, but it’s on notice. Thankfully, we’ve somehow made it to Friday. For a little calming meditation, here’s a time lapse video of Kuroshio Sea, which has the second largest tank in the world. It’s oddly soothing to watch the fish and sharks just smoothly float on by.

Wednesday Blues

13 Mar

I am exhausted and it’s only Wednesday. Have some baby seal pups playing on a surfboard as a pick-me-up.

Le Royaume

27 Feb

I have a French test and a Chinese translation due tomorrow. My brain is fried and it’s been a long day, so have an adorable video. (It’s relevant because Gobelins is an animation school in Paris.) Also, it’s really cute.

I’m going on a mini-hiatus; I’ll probably be back next Wednesday with new and possibly interesting things. Until then, be good internet people.

The Internet is for Cats

16 Jan

About two months ago, I introduced Simon’s Cat to S. S. thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. In the intervening months, I have watched every Simon’s Cat video on the internet. Multiple times. I think this is karma for how I watched the Little Mermaid and Pocahantas over and over and over again. If anyone has any awesome cat videos, I’d love a little variety. (We also watch Maru, over and over and over and over…)


Here’s one of today’s favorites:


A few more after the jump: Continue reading

Zeitgeist 2012

19 Dec

One of the more predictable things about December is the year end round ups. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting at least three “best-of” lists. Heck, I’m probably going to make one for the blog. (Don’t judge me, I need filler for my Christmas vacation.)

One of the better ones is definitely Google’s Zeitgeist, which looks at how we searched in 2012. It’s an ad for Google, Youtube, and G+, but it’s a good one, so I’m going to let it slide.


Shaka Ponk

12 Dec

I listen to a lot of French radio. There’s a radio in the kitchen and I usually have it on when I’m cooking or doing the dishes. Most of the music is surprisingly in English; American and British domination of the world’s music stage is pretty well documented at this point. But I have managed to find some local bands, including Shaka Ponk. They’re playing in Paris next month, so the local station is hawking the show constantly. I’d go, but a 35 euro ticket is a bit much for two songs.

They’re pretty ridiculous, but genuinely good fun. Here’s their major hit, “Let’s Bang”.


Another song which appears to be big right now is “I’m Picky”.


Ad Astra

3 Dec

I don’t even care about how cliched my love for time-lapse videos is.  For your viewing pleasure, the world as seen from the ISS.

h/t The Hairpin

Game Over

8 Oct

I wasn’t a big football fan before I went to UF. During my time there, I managed to get season tickets twice, but I was just as likely to sell ’em to a friend as go to the game myself. Win or lose, I have fond memories of the band. The student section in the Swamp was right next to the band and so we could hear whatever they were playing pretty darn well. They had all these cool little shorts that they’d play at appropriate times, like an abbreviated William Tell’s Overture for when a player rushed a bunch of yards unopposed.

They were good, but they never did a halftime show quite this awesome. Sorry guys, but Ohio State’s got you beat.

via Kotaku